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Scripture Commentary

I've been meaning to set up something like this for a long time. Never felt right to put this sort of thing on my (old) (older) (even older) (truly ancient) (absolute oldest) blog. And I really rebelled at the idea of having more than one blog.

So with this website reboot I did some extra thinking and I thought of this simple commentary format. My goal is to hit the things I am thinking about, as opposed to being comprehensive. At times I will probably leave a lot unsaid. I'm going to resist the temptation to cover every verse. I'm not writing a book, and I have to keep reminding myself, this is not a job.

Also, I am going to try just publishing things that I am in the middle of. I'll try to clean up some loose threads but don't be surprised if everything just stops in the middle of something. In the past, I would leave stuff like this in the drafts folder of my blog, and workshop it to death, and never post it. But with just a text file, and no drafts, you'll have to put up with my creative process. (Someday I'll probably throw all this in a CMS somewhere and then that will all be a lie. But for now it is true.)