Mekkes Vs. Therkildsen -- In Africa!

Where do I start? These two have been at it, well, for quite a while. In the Ghetto. At IV meetings -- heck, these guys were on the exec team that used to decide everything with wrestling matches. Inevitably, they had to have at least one good wrestling match while we were in Kenya. How anyone (and by anyone I mainly mean Eric) didn't die I don't know -- Mekkes at one time during this match, well, it's complicated to explain, but imagine that Eric and Joel are roughly in the same positions as they are in picture five. Then Joel kinda heaved Eric up in the air while at the same time he sat back (obviously, his legs were in front of his body then, unlike in picture five), which caused Eric to hit the ground headfirst with a horrible expression on his face; and then he just crumpled and relaxed for about half a second. I thought "That's it -- he's crippled for life, if not dead," but lo and behold he wasn't. Crazy. Absolutely crazy. Although, if my wrists and hands weren't so screwed up, I'd probably wrestle a lot more than I do now (current number of times I've wrestled in the past ten years: 0. Well, maybe once or twice with my brother Tom.)

These pictures were all taken with Bill's digital camera (thanks, Bill!), but I don't know if Bill actually took these or not. I'm not going to overly comment on them -- I'll mainly let the pictures speak for themselves.

Okay, so I guess Mekkes vs. Therkildsen is not exactly Monkey Vs. Robot, but it's still entertaining. . . . especially if you know those two. The next day Eric didn't even attempt to go out to work on the check dam, he was so sore. Mekkes went, but he was basically useless all day, so he took the next day off.

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