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I like to take pictures. I like to chronicle events with my camera, which is what this page is for. It's for the silly, the somber, the bizarre -- I try to capture the mood or essence of the person or situation. This is my page for casual photography. I'm also one of the contributors to 8 eyes, a group photolog. That's where I post my serious photography, if that's your thing.

I'm still unsure how to organize all of these pictures that I have. (Most of them are not yet scanned/processed/uploaded to this web page.) So, for now I'll just take it as it goes. When I get brilliant organizational flashes, I'll reorganize this part of my web page.


Last summer I, along with about 40 others, went to Marsabit Kenya to do missions work, to build a dam, to build water tanks, and to construct a computer network. I also took some pictures.

Fall Conference 2001

Pictures from the 2001 InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Fall Conference (for Wisconsin and the UP) can be found here.

Ghetto Broomball

Set 1
Set 2 coming soon.


I started a page devoted to the Ghost of Annoying Hairstyles Past


Christmas 2002

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