I got into an argument once with a professor friend of mine. He wanted to know how he could "hide" some pictures on his web site so his friends could see them, but not his students. They were pictures of him and his friends dressing up in all of these bizzaro costumes and then going golfing. My position was, why not just let everyone see them? Why bother going through all the trouble of hiding them? "So, there aren't any pictures of you that you wouldn't want floating around on the internet?" he asked. "Um, no, not really," I replied. "I don't believe it," he said.

Ever since then, I've had a real desire to prove him wrong. (We won't get into the fact that even if I "win", I'm still going to lose, because if I find a picture embarassing enough and post it on my web page, now I've got a very embarassing picture on my web page...)[*]

With that in mind, I think I've had just about every stupid hairstyle known to man (except an Afro, but then, I've got Straight White Guy Hair). Dreadlocks. Mullet. Bowl cut. Foofy hair colors. Completely shaved. So I've decided to create this part of my web page, devoted to the Ghost of Annoying Hairstyles Past. As I find pictures of me with dumb hairstyles, I'll post them (I don't know where a lot of them are because I moved and they're still in boxes, etc). Feel free to e-mail me any that you have, I'll be glad to add them!

Sometimes, you have to embarass yourself in front of the whole (online) world.

[*] Okay, so there is one set of pictures of me that I know exist, but that I would never want anyone to see. To the best of my knowledge, all copies of these pictures have been destroyed. I don't think this proves me wrong; it's not like I was surreptitiously posting them to my website wanting some people to see them and not others.

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