Africa Pictures.

These get posted when I get done with them. It takes about 8 - 10 hours, on the average, for me to edit, crop, manipulate, and fiddle with the images, and then actually write decent captions for them. All of the pictures below are my own -- after I finish with editing the 8 rolls I have, I'll start work on the CD full of picutures which I got from Jon Stone. Or maybe I won't -- I'm getting really sick of this.


Sometimes, in a fit of wanting to work on something else, I might do special features -- either from the Marsabit 2001 CD we all got from Jon Stone, or from the 63 disks worth of pictures from Bill's digital camera. (I've got all of those photos indexed but not edited nicely or anything. And I have no plans of putting up all of them -- only the ones I think are interesting or fun or foofy or whatever.)

And so, due to an extra special bit of foofyness and not particularly wanting to start on my statistics homework, I bring you: Mekkes vs. Therkildsen.

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